Temperomandibular joint (TMJ) DISORDER

TMJ Disorder is becoming a more common condition, and since signs and symptoms can present sporadically and seem unrelated, it is often overlooked or mis-diagnosed.

Signs and Symptoms include:

  • tooth sensitivity to hot, cold and sweet
  • wearing down of tooth structure including cracked or chipped teeth
  • "clicking" or "crackling" sound when opening your mouth
  • limited mouth opening
  • jaw ache / ear ache
  • facial pain
  • headaches
  • radiating neck and shoulder pain


Management is usually a combination of occlusal splints SCI Splints or(nightguards), and hot and cold compresses placed directly over the joint(just in front of the ear lobe) to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. In severe cases, there is often a referral protocol to the hospital. Many hospitals have specific departments to deal with this condition.

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