What Is SCi (NTI-tss) ?

SCi - Sleep Clench Inhibitor (previously known as NTI-tss)

The SCi is the most clinically effective FDA approved treatment for TMD, bruxism, and medically diagnosed migraines

TMD, bruxism, chronic tension headaches, migraine ...

Have you ever wondered what these symptoms have in common? all of which can make your life miserable.

How does the SCi work?

The SCi reduces parafunctional intensity of the muscles at your jaw joints that open your jaw, but still provides canine contact for temporalis clenching.

Try it yourself:

Take a pencil and place it between your molars or canines. With your hands feel the temporalis muscle bulge in the temple area.

Then transfer the pencil between your incisors and palpate the temporalis at the same spot on your temples again: do you feel the difference?

Studies show that the possible contraction intensity of the temporalis muscle when only the incisors occlude is reduced by an average of 70%!

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